Sunday, December 5, 2010



  1. I am so happy about your deeds to spread the messages of yogi goraknathji.I will pray to goraknathji to spread his message to the world.I am a devotee of goraknathji(mahan sri korakkar siddhar ) and i belongs to tamilnadu.Here there were 2 jeeva samaadhis of mahan sri korakkar siddhar( goraknathji ).I too trying to spread messages of mahan sri korakkar siddhar (goraknathji) through blogger.

    all the best

    1. iam also the great devotee of gorakhnath g(mahan sri korakkar sidhar) and i belong to under previlagge family live in newchhore district umerkot and our village there is man who is the maha devotee of shree gorakhnath g name is sir narayan singh sahib....... who have not beleive in any kind of avtaar accept his guru shree gorakhnath g.....

      keep bless on me....
      jeewat lakhani

  2. iyya! i want korakkarnath mandram pls send my email id pls see my website by moorthykorakkar(tamilnadu) cell:08056609842

  3. Guruji,I am a die hard devotee of goraknath I would like to know prasing slokaas or manthraas of goraknath to worship even better so i request you to send me shri Goraknath jis slokaas or manthraas please send to my mail-id
    else send to this blog:
    by moorthy korakkar( Tamilnadu ) Cell:08056609842.

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