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Tum Sata-Chita-Aananda Sada Shive, Aagama Nigama Parey
Yoga Pracharana Karana Yuga Yuga, Gorakh Rupa Dharey

You are the super being, Sada Shiva. Farther than the knowledge of Aagama and Nigama.
You come here in the form of Gorakh Nath for preaching Yoga (Knowledge for reunification), time to time.

Another sloka describes him as

Gorakshya Balam, Guru Sishya Palam, Sesha Himalam, Sashikhanda Bhalam
Kalasys Kalam, Jeeta Janma Jaalam, Bandey Jatalam, Jagjadabjanalam

Gorakshya Balam - Gorakhnath in the form of child
Gurusishya Palam - The founder of Guru Sishya (student) custom
Sesha Himalam - Who sits on the sesh (king of snakes) or who is very fair coloured like the himalayas
Sashi-Khanda-Bhalam - Moon (Sashi) in crescent phase (khanda) at his forhead (bhalam)
Kalasya-Kalam - Who is is death of the death. or who has won the time
Jeeta Janma Jaalam - Who can win the process of rebirth and death.
Bandey Jatalam - We salute the jatadhari (with jata or long hair on head) gorakh
Jagjadabjanalam - Father of every thing (universe)

Navanath and 84 Siddha

Oom Guru Gorakshya MaMa Rakshya Rakshya

There are 9 main Nath Yogis known as Navanath and 84 siddha Yogis. The names of the 9 Nath Yogis are listed below

Jyoti sworup (light) Aadi Nath
Parbati sworup (earth) Udaya Nath
Brahma sworup (water) Satya Nath
Bishnu sworup (power) Santosh Nath
Sesh sworup (air) Aachal-Aachambhey Nah
Ganesh sworup (gajahasti) Gaja-Kanthad Nath
Chandrama sworup (vegetation) Siddha Chaurangi Nath
Maya sworup (fish) DaDa Matsendrya Nath
Shiva sworup (child) Gorakshya Nath

Oom Guru Gorakshya, Mama Rakshya Rakshya

Gorakhnath Temple is everywhere in Nepal and India. Gorakshay Nath is very important in the lives of the people so the temple is found in every footsteps. In any urban and rural part of the subcontinent contains Gorakshya temple.

Mrigasthali is another important place for all the Hindus. It is Known to be the most favourite place for the Lord Shiva to play. This place is listed in uncountable places in the texts of hinduism.

Shiva Gorakshya Meditated at this place for very long time. According to the story, Shiva Gorakshya Meditated here seated on the snakes representing the rain and there was no rainfall for 12 years. He was not happy with the people who was not interested in improving their life with yoga. The people who were tensed due to no rain thought to bring his Guru Dada Matsyendra Nath and he will wake up and the rain will fall. When they brought Guru Matsyendra Nath from Kamrup Kamakshya then he wake up from meditation and they got the rain fall.


Oom Guru Gorakshya,

Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) has always believed that the world began from the god in the form of zero (sunya rup paramatma). But how did that zero became all these? The science cannot explain that thing, yet it has proved that the world is continuously expanding. If it is expanding continuously, then it should have been started from a point or zero. The science also believe this, with Big Bang Theory. But how did something came out of nowhere? The science can never explain this. This is explained by Yoga.

Enstein believed that there is always another antiparticle to some particle. When antiparticle and particle mix together, then there will be nothing. One will consume the other and the whole thing is zero. This thought came out of the sacred texts of Hinduism.

Something out of nothing can come with the power of yoga. The literal meaning of yoga is to mix something together or addition. With the power of yoga, Shiva created the whole universe out of nothing. let us see this in the following table

0 = 5 - 5
= (5) + (-5)
= ( 3 + 2 ) + (8 - 3)
= (9 - 6 + 4 - 2) + ( 5 + 3 - 5 + 2 )
= ............ and so on (This is addition or Yoga)

Now the world has become a complex one. When the maha-pralaya occurs, the addition occurs and the world again becomes zero, and the new world is started with new mathematics.

Yoga is not the exercise. It is the power of creation. The Rishis of older times developed the science by which anyone can increase the power of yoga within oneself. All the things in Hinduism, world and the universe is within this.

We have to travel through 8.4 million species of plants and animals to become human. We will be promoted or degreded to the next higher level according to our karma. Karma is the form of yoga (Karma-yoga) which increases the yoga power. Shree Shiva Gorakshya is known to be the first sat-guru of yoga. He is Shiva, who came to earth for reason of preaching the knowledge of yoga. He tought 8.4 million postures, by which yoga could be practiced. Among them 84 postures are the most important for Human.

We are trying to publish the 84 yoga postures which could be useful for anyone.

Among the 84 postures some of the important postures are Padmashan or Kamalashan (lily flower posture) In this, the leg is crossed in the seated position like the one in the above picture.

Goraksha Nath ji Gorakh Nathji was the originator of yoga and meditation and founder of the Nath Sampradaya. Gorakh Nath literally means a person who has mastered his indriyas (senses) and has complete control over the five vikritis or negative characteristics in human nature - that is kaam (sexuality), krodh (temper), mad (ego), lobh (greed) and moh (worldly attachment)

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